Referring Doctors

A large network of referring doctors trust Malek Periodontics specialists for their superb patient outcomes, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies and evidence-based techniques.

Dental Referral, Malek Periodontics
Referring Doctors, Glendale Periodontics

We bring four distinct advantages to our referring doctors:

Since we are equipped to handle even the most complex periodontal cases involving implants, tissue grafting and periodontal disease, we have earned a reputation as an authority, innovator and patient advocate.

Availabilty – your patients will be seen by our board-certified periodontist within five business days. Emergency blocks are scheduled in our office daily to ensure our referring providers’ patients can be accommodated quickly.

Continuity of Care – we place the needs of your patients first, and are committed to providing collaborative, compassionate care while maintaining the highest levels of health professional standards in client service, communication and compassion.

Customized Care – we offer the widest array of evidence-based treatment options tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

Expertise –  Dr. Malek is board-certified and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology, offering a unique combination of training, knowledge and experience.

You can refer your patients online or at 623.362.8969

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When to Refer

The following guidelines were developed to improve the effectiveness of our treatments to help ensure that our patients receive a positive experience with superior long-term outcomes.

Clinical Presentation/Condition

  • 5mm+ probe depths particularly without multiple local factors (calculus/plaque)
  • Vertical bone defect on radiograph
  • Recession of 3mm+
  • Exposed roots, furcation involvement
  • Complex patients (co-morbidities perio + diabetes)
  • Peri-implant disease, periodontal abscess (immediate referral)
  • Patient age younger than 40 with bone loss and probe depths 4mm+

Treatment Resistant

  • Post SRP 4-6 week re-eval (probe depths still remaining 6mm+ localized or generalized 5mm+)
  • Unresolved inflammation at any given site
  • Refractory/recurrent disease

Referring Doctors FAQ

Ideally, we would like to have the following information prior to the patient’s arrival:

  1. Referral slip – We ask that you include the patient’s contact information so we can assist them in scheduling their appointment.
  2. X-Rays – We request that you send a copy of the patient’s most recent x-rays to or submit them along with the online referral form.
  3. Any and all information relevant to why the patient is being referred.

Referral forms can be submitted utilizing the methods listed below:

  1. Online referral form
  2. Via Email –
  3. Fax to 623-362-8971
Yes, upon request, we will provide patients with a predetermination of their insurance benefits.
The best practice for communicating the value of the referral is to underscore and transfer your confidence that Malek Perio will help the patient achieve the clinical and/or aesthetic objectives of the treatment plan you developed with the patient.
  1. We will work in close collaboration throughout your treatment, to ensure continuity of care between our practices to achieve the goals of the treatment plan we reviewed.
  2. Malek, a board-certified periodontist, is especially adept at diagnosing periodontal disease, achieving optimal aesthetics, and managing complex interdisciplinary cases. She is the specialists we work closely with and recommend to our family and friends.
  3. Malek is a board-certified specialist, and with her advanced technology, training and experience, she is able to guarantee the least painful and least invasive experience possible.
  4. We are confident that Dr. Malek will deliver superb outcomes for our patients. This is why we recommend to our family members and friends.
We Only use Care Credit.

We only use Straumann.

Concierge Scheduling is a service offered to referring practices and their patients. Upon Malek Perio’s receipt of the referral from the referring practice, the Malek Perio team will contact the patient within one business day to schedule their consultation. Referral forms must include the patients contact information and can be submitted by any of the following methods:

  1. Online referral form
  2. Via email-
  3. Fax to 623-362-8971
Listed below is our standard communication protocol; however, we will tailor our communication to the needs of a referring practice upon request.
  • Patient scheduled: Phone call notification when patient is scheduled
  • Post-consultation: Letter/fax (based on referring practice preference)
  • Treatment plan modification: Phone call to the dentist
  • Post-treatment: Letter/fax with specific details to the treatment
  • Ready for restoration: Call to the office while the patient is in the office (preferred by most practices); letter/fax to the office
  1. Malek Perio values feedback and considers it an opportunity for improvement.  The referring office should notify Malek Perio by contacting the office directly or via email at

If you had a positive experience at Malek Periodontics please leave us a review!

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Referring Doctors

You may refer your patients in need of periodontal services to our office by filling out our secure online referral form.

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Office Hours 

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About Malek Periodontics

Malek Periodontics is a leading periodontist located in Glendale, Arizona that provides a variety of periodontal and dental services. Some of these services include dental implants, gum grafts, bone grafts, oral cancer screening, and cosmetic periodontal surgery. Call us today!

For more information about our practice or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Malek, call our office in Glendale, AZ.

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